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Recently Acquired Film Features President Kennedy Encouraging Citizens
to Vote on Tuesday, November 6th

Museum Launches YouTube Channel with Rare JFK “Vote” PSA

On October 31, 1962, President John F. Kennedy filmed a public service announcement urging citizens to demonstrate their devotion to freedom, democracy and America by casting their ballots on Election Day – Tuesday, November 6. Fifty years later, the video version of this timely and compelling 43-second film is being preserved and made available on The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza’s newly launched YouTube channel.

The rare footage was filmed in what is now the Roosevelt Room of the West Wing of the White House only three days after the unofficial end of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Since President Kennedy referred to the specific date of the upcoming midterm election - Tuesday, November 6 - the film’s message was immediately outdated after that day. Now, 50 years later, the exact same day and date mark another significant election, making President Kennedy’s nonpartisan message resonate with renewed prominence. The film, one of an unknown number of copies, was obtained by The Sixth Floor Museum and is now preserved in its permanent collection of approximately 40,000 items relating to the life, death and legacy of President Kennedy.
The “Vote on November 6th” PSA is joined by five other videos on the Museum’s YouTube channel. Other initial offerings include a look at The Sixth Floor Museum’s Oral History Collection; the challenges in reporting President Kennedy’s assassination; a feature on photographer Bob Jackson; a profile of nightclub owner Jack Ruby; and Dallas law enforcement efforts following the assassination. Additional videos of Museum educational programs, archival footage, curatorial tours and recorded oral histories will be added to the channel throughout the year. Find it here:



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