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Mildred Daffron

Dallas housewife Daffron, a Kennedy supporter, was friends with several women who were members of the John Birch Society. She remembers the conservative city as an unwelcoming place in 1963. Recorded June 16, 2014.

James F. Dahman

A sergeant with the Dallas Police Department in 1963, Dahman was assigned to the presidential luncheon at the Dallas Trade Mart. After the shooting of Lee Harvey Oswald on Sunday, Dahman was present for Oswald's autopsy and family viewing of his body at Parkland Memorial Hospital. Recorded August 6, 2010.

Joy Dale

In 1963, Dale worked as a stripper at Jack Ruby's Carousel Club. She spoke with Ruby at the club the afternoon of the assassination and was later interviewed on live television the day of the Oswald shooting. Recorded August 3, 2004.

Dr. Robert Dallek

An award-winning presidential historian, Dallek was teaching at Columbia University in 1963. He is the author of numerous books, including a two-volume biography of Lyndon B. Johnson and the best-selling An Unfinished Life: John F. Kennedy, 1917-1963. Recorded November 4, 2011.

William M. Dallin II

A friend of Dallas Police Chief Jesse Curry's wife, Dallin's late mother called Mrs. Curry following the Oswald shooting, identifying Jack Ruby from KRLD-TV news footage shot in Dealey Plaza on Saturday, November 23, 1963.  For many years, Dallin has been an avid researcher of Victorio Peak in New Mexico, believing that it may have a connection to the Kennedy assassination. Recorded September 3, 2010.

Richard Damerau

Damerau was a photo analyst with U.S. Naval Intelligence stationed in Atsugi, Japan, at the same time as Lee Harvey Oswald. Ironically, between the 1950s and early 1960s, Damerau had brief personal encounters with Senator John F. Kennedy, Oswald, and Jack Ruby. Recorded July 10, 2012.

Charles Dameron

Serving as news editor for the Dallas Times Herald in 1963, Dameron planned coverage for the Kennedy visit to Dallas and supervised the paper's newsroom and composing room. Recorded January 12, 1995.

Dr. Theresa Daniel

Currently a Dallas County Commissioner, Daniel moved to Dallas in 1977. Her PhD dissertation on the growth and development of Dallas included a study of the Kennedy assassination and its local impact. Recorded October 2, 2013. 

Jack W. Daniel

Daniel was standing on the west side of the triple underpass with his home movie camera and captured the motorcade on film seconds after the assassination took place. He returned to Dealey Plaza afterward to take film of the flowers and memorial tributes left by mourners. Recorded November 22, 1996, February 11, 1997, and April 4, 2008.

Alaine Dasheiff

A resident of Baltimore, Maryland, in 1963, Dasheiff was about to start a job with the Social Security Administration when the assassination took place. She experienced prejudice in the early 1960s because of her Jewish faith. Recorded November 24, 2009.

Dennis David

A petty officer in the Medical Service Corps stationed at Bethesda Naval Medical Center, David was serving as the chief of the day of the medical school on November 22, 1963. He recalled the president's casket arriving at the back of the hospital before Jackie Kennedy's arrival at the front of the hospital, which has become a point of controversy among researchers. On Monday, David had the opportunity to briefly examine photographs and film of the president's autopsy. Recorded June 26, 2007.

Carrie E. Davis

A private cook in a north Dallas home for more than 25 years, Davis was preparing for a large dinner party on November 22, 1963. She was unable to finish the meal due to her grief over the president's death. Recorded April 17, 2008.

Jack Davis

A teenager in Oak Cliff, Davis was inside the Texas Theatre when Lee Harvey Oswald arrived, and he believed Oswald sat next to him for a short time. Recorded August 6, 2002.

John E. Davis

A longtime Dallas social worker and counselor, Davis was teaching a marriage and family class for nurses at Parkland Memorial Hospital in 1963. Following the assassination, he counseled many individuals regarding their grief over the death of the president. Recorded March 16, 2006.

John H. Davis

A cousin to the Kennedy family, Davis was the author of The Kennedys: Dynasty and Disaster (1993) and Jacqueline Bouvier: An Intimate Memoir (1998). Davis also wrote two books about the Kennedy assassination involving a mafia conspiracy. Recorded October 23, 1992.

Michael and Maria Davis

Active Democrat Michael Davis, a student at Southern Methodist University, saw President Kennedy at Dallas Love Field. His future wife, Maria Davis, was a high school student in St. Louis at the time of the assassination. The couple met at SMU in the late 1960s. Recorded May 25, 2012, and April 21, 2013.

Sid Davis

The White House correspondent for Westinghouse Broadcasting Company in 1963, Davis was traveling with the presidential party through Texas and was one of the pool reporters aboard Air Force One for the swearing in of President Johnson. Recorded November 21, 2003.

Steven L. Davis

An author, editor, and collections curator at Texas State University in San Marcos, Davis co-wrote the best-selling book Dallas 1963 (2013). Recorded November 10, 2013, and April 20, 2014. 

Rodney Davis-Gilbert

A Dallas native, Davis-Gilbert served in the Peace Corps in the country of Micronesia in the late 1980s. Upon her return, she was a local recruiter for the Peace Corps. Recorded March 5 and June 28, 2011. 

J.C. "Carl" Day

Head of the Dallas Police Crime Scene Search Unit in 1963, Day was in charge of examining the rifle and fingerprint evidence at the Texas School Book Depository building following the assassination. In 2006, he donated his original crime lab supplies and equipment to the Museum. Recorded May 19, 1996, and July 11, 2006.

Jerry Dealey

The great-grandnephew of George Bannerman Dealey, Dealey was in the third grade in Denver, Colorado, in 1963. After the assassination, he was teased and harassed by classmates because of his last name. Dealey later became an active researcher and published a history of Dealey Plaza titled D in the Heart of Texas (2002). Recorded March 30, 2006.

Joe Dealey

President of the Dallas Morning News in 1963, Dealey was later one of the original board members of the Dallas County Historical Foundation and a longtime supporter of The Sixth Floor Museum. Recorded May 19, 1994.

Doris Dean

Members of the U.S. Foreign Service for thirty-five years, Dean and her husband were assigned by the State Department to Brazil at the time of the assassination.  Her husband, Robert W. Dean, later served as U.S. Ambassador to Peru (1974-77). Recorded March 20, 2013.

The Rev. Richard Deats

A civil rights and peace movement activist in the 1960s, Deats participated in a Dealey Plaza rally in 1969 that was interrupted by Nazi protestors. He was living in Boston at the time of the Kennedy assassination. Recorded August 7, 2006.

Robert DeBardelaben

A U.S. Marine stationed at the barracks at 8th and I Streets in Washington, D.C., DeBardelaben participated in the funeral services for President Kennedy. Recorded December 5, 2009.

Robert W. Decherd

Chairman, president, and CEO of Belo Corp., Decherd played an important role in raising funds and obtaining local acceptance of The Sixth Floor Museum. Recorded March 2, 2001.

Ron Decuir

In 1963, Decuir was an engineer at Chance Vought Aircraft in Dallas. He and his coworkers were particularly concerned that animosity towards Dallas following the assassination would impact their business. Recorded October 17, 2014.

Susan Decuir

A Dallas high school student in 1963, Decuir and her boyfriend skipped school to see the Kennedy motorcade right outside Dallas Love Field. She later published a story about her experiences, "A Day I'll Never Forget," in Mature Living Magazine (2006). Recorded October 17, 2014.

Olan DeGaugh

In 1963, DeGaugh was the yardmaster for the Union Terminal Company and supervised the rail yard switchmen. Later, he owned the parking lot adjacent to the former Texas School Book Depository building. Recorded August 29, 2002.

Gary DeLaune

The police reporter for radio station KLIF in Dallas, DeLaune covered the events of that weekend, and on Sunday, he was standing next to photographer Bob Jackson as he took his Pulitzer Prize-winning photograph of Jack Ruby shooting Lee Harvey Oswald. In 1964, DeLaune covered the Ruby trial. Recorded October 21, 1998, February 4 and November 10, 2012.

Jo Taylor DeLaune

The wife of KLIF radio reporter Gary DeLaune, she was the emergency room supervisor at St. Paul Hospital in Dallas. Prior to the assassination, she had occasional contact with Jack Ruby when he would bring his nightclub employees to the hospital for treatment. Recorded April 20, 2013.

Dr. John Mark Dempsey

An associate professor at Texas A&M University-Commerce, Dempsey is the author of The Jack Ruby Trial Revisited (2000), based on the diary written by his late uncle, jury foreman Max Causey. He later co-wrote Eddie Barker's Notebook (2006), the memoir of longtime KRLD-TV news director Eddie Barker. Recorded December 6, 2002, and March 7, 2014.

Ida Denney

An employee at a Dallas stock exchange company, Denney watched the Kennedy motorcade on Main Street. Her office closed early when the stock market shut down following the assassination. Recorded June 21, 2007.

Carolyn Dennis

An ardent JFK supporter, Dennis attended one of Senator Kennedy's speeches during the 1960 presidential campaign. She became an early civil rights and peace movement activist during the Kennedy years and continued to participate in marches and protests throughout the 1970s. Recorded June 23, 2008.

Robert B. Denson

As chief investigator for the Jack Ruby defense team from December 1963 to March 1964, Denson interviewed more than 100 acquaintances of Ruby. Denson was heavily involved with defense preparations and sat behind Ruby during the course of the trial. Shortly after the trial, Denson wrote the book Destiny in Dallas (1964). Recorded April 24, 2008.

Sharon Denton

Denton was a typist at a Dallas insurance company in 1963. Her conservative boss threatened to fire anyone in the office who went to see the Kennedy motorcade. Recorded June 16, 2014.

Bill Dewbre

The owner of Wild Bill's Western Store in Dallas's West End Historic District, Dewbre worked on the Dallas television series and has served as a longtime a community ambassador. As a teenager, he recalls playing guitar at Jack Ruby's Carousel Club. Recorded July 18, 2014.

Ellen Diamond

An editorial assistant at Macmillan Publishers in New York City, Diamond saw Senator John F. Kennedy during the 1960 presidential campaign.  She wrote a letter to Jackie Kennedy following the assassination.  It was later selected for publication in Dr. Ellen Fitzpatrick's book, Letters to Jackie: Condolences from a Grieving Nation (2010). Recorded September 15, 2010.

Jerry Diamond

A U.S. Marine stationed at the barracks at 8th and I Streets in Washington, D.C., Diamond served as one of President Kennedy's pallbearers. Recorded April 8, 2010. 

Susan DiGeorgio

Fourteen years old in 1963, DiGeorgio wrote a letter to Jackie Kennedy on the day of the assassination. It was later included in Dr. Ellen Fitzpatrick's Letters to Jackie: Condolences of a Grieving Nation (2010). Recorded September 18, 2010.

Tom Dillard

Chief photographer for the Dallas Morning News in 1963, Dillard was riding in a press car in the presidential motorcade and took photos of the sixth floor window of the Texas School Book Depository immediately after the shooting. Recorded July 19, 1993.

George F. Dillman

Employed by longtime Lyndon Johnson speechwriter Horace Busby, Dillman was an LBJ campaign worker for the 1960 and 1964 presidential elections. On the day of the assassination, Dillman attended the Trade Mart luncheon and later went to Parkland Memorial Hospital where he helped set up Gov. Connally's temporary office. Recorded June 7, 2012.

Ellen Dionna

A 1960 Kennedy campaign volunteer, Dionna was an early civil rights and peace movement activist. She participated in the March on Washington on August 28, 1963. Her late father, Sherrod East, was a longtime employee of the National Archives and was wrongfully accused of being a Communist during the McCarthy era. Recorded January 28, 2015. 

Sally Dobbie

Dobbie was a student at Highland Park Junior High School in 1963. Her late father, Jack A. Titus, photographed the Kennedy motorcade from the roof of his office building on Cedar Springs Road in Dallas. The family donated the images to The Sixth Floor Museum in 2012. Recorded October 30, 2012.

John Dodd

Dodd was outside the Texas Theatre in Oak Cliff when Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested. Years later, as a member of the Dallas County Historical Commission, Dodd was involved in early discussions about a potential exhibition on the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository. Recorded August 21, 2013. 

Chrissy Knight Doherty

Doherty's late father, Reuben Knight, served as John F. Kennedy's 1960 campaign manager for Wichita County in Texas. Doherty shook hands with Kennedy during his visit to Wichita Falls that year. Doherty and her family were later at Dallas Love Field in the aftermath of the assassination. She was interviewed with her sister, Karen Knight Neukom. Recorded January 22, 2013.

Jim Dolan

Dolan is the son of the late James "Doc" Dolan, who was head of the Dallas office of the American Guild of Variety Artists (AGVA) in 1963. An alleged front for organized crime, AGVA booked dancers and entertainers for local clubs, including Jack Ruby's Carousel Club. Some researchers have linked Dolan's father to mafia figure Carlos Marcello and the Kennedy assassination. Recorded June 2, 2006.

James H. Dorman

Dorman is the son of the late Elsie Dorman, who worked inside the Texas School Book Depository building in 1963 and shot a famous home movie of the motorcade from the fourth floor. Dorman donated his mother's film to the Museum in 1995. Recorded on November 18, 2002.

Bob Dougherty

Twelve years old in 1963, Dougherty saw the Kennedy motorcade on Harwood Street and then heard shots fired in Dealey Plaza as he walked to his father's furniture store on Elm Street. An Oak Cliff resident, Dougherty was good friends with J.D. Tippit's son, Allen, and spent time with him at the Tippit home on the night of the assassination. Recorded December 6, 2007.

Liza Douglass

A documentary researcher and production coordinator for television networks including History Channel and Discovery Channel, Douglass was associate producer and researcher for The Lost JFK Tapes: The Assassination (2009) for National Geographic Channel.  She was interviewed with two of her documentary associates.  Recorded November 17, 2009. 

Barbara Dowdy

A resident of Irving, Texas, Dowdy lived less than two miles from Ruth Paine in 1963. She closely followed the assassination news coverage on television. Recorded June 23, 2014.

U.S. Rep. Thomas N. Downing

U.S. representative from Virginia (1959-77), Downing introduced a bill in 1975 calling for another investigation into the Kennedy assassination. He was later named chairman of the House Select Committee on Assassinations. Recorded November 2, 1992.

Robert Drew

A Life magazine editor and pioneer of American cinema verité, Drew made several documentaries about John F. Kennedy, including Primary (1960), Crisis (1963) and Faces of November (1964). Recorded January 9, 2004, and June 14, 2006.

Ronald Duckworth

A 16-year-old student at Sunset High School in Oak Cliff, Duckworth watched the Kennedy motorcade near the corner of Main and Houston streets and may have heard shots fired in Dealey Plaza. A frequent visitor to Austin's BBQ in Oak Cliff, he knew Officer J.D. Tippit. Recorded March 15, 2007.

Michael Duffy

Duffy was attending a Catholic school in Iowa in 1963. Immediately after the shooting, he brought in his television set from home so that his class could follow the breaking news story. Recorded April 5, 2010.

David and Denise Dulworth

The son-in-law and granddaughter of Tippit shooting eyewitness Helen Markham, the Dulworths shared what they learned firsthand from Markham, as well as their own thoughts on her often criticized testimony. Recorded August 20, 2004.

William L. Duncan

A U.S. Secret Service agent assigned to the White House detail during the Kennedy years, Duncan served as the advance agent for Fort Worth during the Texas visit in November 1963. Recorded October 15, 2005.

Mary Dunn

The daughter of conservative Republicans, Dunn was one of the few students in her class at North Dallas High School that did not see the presidential motorcade. A Texas educator since 1973, Dunn has taught the Kennedy assassination for decades. Recorded August 1, 2012.   

David Dunnigan

A Dallas native, Dunnigan was a reporter at the Galveston Daily News at the time of the assassination. He later went to work at the Dallas Morning News in 1966. In 1993, his PR firm handled media coverage of the 30th anniversary ceremony in Dealey Plaza. Recorded January 18, 2007.

Brad Duschak

A California native, Duschak was touring The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza on the morning of September 11, 2001. He was thirteen years old at the time of the Kennedy assassination. Recorded August 12, 2014.

Ken DuVall

A truck driver with Central Motor Freight in Dallas, DuVall frequently picked up shipments of textbook boxes at the loading dock of the Texas School Book Depository. On November 22, 1963, he allegedly saw Lee Harvey Oswald in the second-floor lunch room approximately thirty minutes before the assassination. Recorded May 6, 2009.