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Oral Histories


Chris Gallop

A friend of researcher J. Gary Shaw, Gallop was involved in the 1989 opening of the JFK Assassination Information Center in Dallas. His late grandfather, C.E. Nichols, was a longtime bell captain at the Adolphus Hotel and had many personal encounters with Jack Ruby. Recorded January 14, 2014.

Dr. Norman F. Gant

Currently the executive director of the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Gant was a senior medical student at Methodist Hospital in Dallas at the time of the assassination. On that afternoon, he participated in the retrieval of a bullet from the body of Officer J.D. Tippit. He also knew many of the doctors who treated both President Kennedy and Gov. Connally at Parkland Memorial Hospital. Recorded February 6, 2008.

Scott Garbe

A songwriter and schoolteacher in Canada, Garbe has maintained a lifelong interest in the Kennedy assassination. After visiting Dealey Plaza, he wrote a series of songs about the tragedy, which was produced as a concept album, The Kennedy Suite, in 2013. Recorded June 24, 2014.

Hector Garcia

A native Cuban who fled his homeland when Fidel Castro came to power, Garcia became an active community leader in Dallas. Recorded September 27 and October 29, 2000.

Richard Gardner

Gardner's Waltrip Senior High School marching band performed for President Kennedy during his trips to Houston, Texas, on September 12, 1962, and November 21, 1963. Gardner and his brother, Gary, filmed home movies of Presidents Kennedy and Johnson between 1962 and 1964, which were donated to the Museum in 2012. Recorded February 4, 2013. 

Tom Garner

A World War II veteran, Garner was serving in the U.S. Air Force in Bermuda at the time of the Kennedy assassination. November 22, 1963, was his fortieth birthday. Recorded February 11, 2015.

Dr. Ronald F. Garvey

A friend of Kennedy aide Kenny O'Donnell, Garvey went to Parkland Memorial Hospital and was with O'Donnell immediately following the shooting. His late brother, Dr. Jim Garvey, worked at Parkland in 1963 and assisted in the treatment of Gov. Connally and the surgery of Lee Harvey Oswald. Recorded July 6, 2004.

Glen Gatlin

A longtime Dallas businessman, Gatlin was working on the twelfth floor of the Mercantile Bank building in 1963 and provided vivid memories of the motorcade passing by on Main Street. Recorded on April 17, 2003, June 17, 2008, August 12, 2009, February 21, 2012, April 5, 2013, and February 21, 2014.

Virginia Gatlin

A Dallas housewife in 1963, Gatlin was caring for her one-month-old infant at the time of the assassination. Unable to leave her home, she experienced that weekend through the incessant radio and television coverage. Recorded June 17, 2008, April 5, 2013, and February 21, 2014. 

Peter N. Geilich

An administrator at Woodlawn and Parkland Memorial hospitals from 1962 to 1969, Geilich helped coordinate media relations and arrangements with the Connally and Oswald families in the aftermath of the Kennedy assassination. He also spent time with Jack Ruby during his stay at Parkland in late 1966. Recorded April 17, 2007, December 4, 2009, and November 19, 2013.

Dr. Paul Geisel

Professor emeritus at the School of Urban/Public Affairs at the University of Texas at Arlington, Geisel was a consultant to the Dallas County Historical Foundation during the planning of The Sixth Floor exhibit. In the months after the exhibit opened, he conducted a visitor reaction survey. Recorded September 5, 2008.

Robert Gemberling

An FBI agent stationed in Dallas, Gemberling was put in charge of the local investigation into the assassination in March 1964. Recorded July 30, 1997.

Eugene George

George served as the restoration architect for The Sixth Floor exhibit and was charged with ensuring the historical integrity of the former Texas School Book Depository building during the design and construction of the exhibit. He remained an active member of the project team from 1978 to 1989. Recorded September 11, 2008.

Judge Garvin Germany

As president of the Junior Bar Association in Dallas in 1959, Germany hired exotic dancers from Jack Ruby for a stag party for the 1959 annual meeting of the American Bar Association. Supposedly among the distinguished guests at the party was Sen. John F. Kennedy. Recorded November 1, 2005.

Kenneth Giannoules

As a longtime U.S. Secret Service agent, Giannoules served on the White House Detail for Presidents Eisenhower, Kennedy, and Johnson. He worked the midnight shift at the Hotel Texas in Fort Worth on November 22, 1963, and was in Austin when the assassination took place. Recorded July 8, 2014. 

Doris Giddens

Eighteen years old in 1963, Giddens saw President Kennedy speak in front of the Hotel Texas in Fort Worth. Recorded November 4, 2013. 

Dr. Adolph Giesecke

An anesthesiologist on the staff of Parkland Memorial Hospital in 1963, Giesecke was briefly in Trauma Room One with President Kennedy before actively participating in the treatment of Governor Connally. Giesecke was with the wounded governor throughout his surgery on November 22, 1963. Recorded June 11, 2010. 

Rick Gilberti

A Massachusetts native, Gilberti saw President Kennedy in 1962. He has maintained an active interest in the assassination over the years, collecting and reading many books. Recorded August 3, 2012. 

Marlene Glass

A lifelong New Yorker, Glass saw John F. Kennedy speak during the 1960 presidential campaign. She was pregnant with her second child when the assassination took place. Recorded April 15, 2013.

Stuart Gleichenhaus

A first grade student in San Antonio, Gleichenhaus saw President Kennedy on his visit to the city on November 21, 1963. Recorded April 4, 2014.

Dr. Toni Glover

Standing on a concrete pedestal at the corner of Houston and Elm Streets in Dealey Plaza, eleven-year-old Toni Glover witnessed the Kennedy assassination. Seeing the president's death, connected emotionally to her abusive childhood, had a traumatic impact on her life. Recorded January 20, 1999, and March 14, 2012.

Dr. Bryghte D. Godbold

As vice president of the University of Texas at Dallas, Godbold was one of the sponsors of the Trade Mart luncheon on November 22, 1963. In 1964, he was appointed director of the significant Goals for Dallas program by Mayor J. Erik Jonsson. Recorded October 11, 2007.

Dori Golding

A native of Mississippi, Golding had mixed feelings about John F. Kennedy because of his privileged background and the PT-109 incident during World War II. Recorded June 23, 2014. 

Eddie Goldstein

Goldstein was the son of the late Rueben "Honest Joe" Goldstein, a legendary pawn shop owner in the Deep Ellum area of Dallas.  "Honest Joe," an acquaintance of Jack Ruby, advertised his business on November 22, 1963, by driving up and down Main Street prior to the presidential parade. Recorded February 1, 2013.

Lynn Goldstein

Goldstein's father passed away on November 21, 1963, the day before the Kennedy assassination, and was buried on Sunday, November 24, shortly after the Oswald shooting. Lynn Goldstein, a Dallas native, was acquainted with the Zapruder family. Recorded September 9, 2013.  

Shirley Golub

A mother of three, Golub was shopping at Bloomingdale's department store in New York City when the assassination took place. The letter she wrote to Jackie Kennedy on November 25, 1963, was selected for publication in Dr. Ellen Fitzpatrick's book, Letters to Jackie: Condolences from a Grieving Nation (2010).  Recorded August 6, 2010.

Albert González

Gonzalez's family was active in the Dallas chapter of the Viva Kennedy Club in 1960. Later, as a local funeral home director, he was involved in the 1981 exhumation of Lee Harvey Oswald. Recorded October 28, 2013.  

Rene Gonzalez

A member of Assault Brigade 2506, Gonzalez served as part of the Bay of Pigs invasion force. Recorded October 29, 2000.

Victor J. Gonzalez

A U.S. Secret Service agent in 1963, Gonzalez was assigned to guard duty for President Kennedy's limousine after its arrival in Washington, D.C., on the evening of the assassination. Recorded October 15, 2005.

Charles Good

In 1963, Good was an officer with the Texas Department of Public Safety. He drove President Kennedy's secretary, Evelyn Lincoln, and others to Parkland Memorial Hospital after the assassination and later drove several people from Parkland to Dallas Love Field. Recorded October 25, 1999.

Miles Goodwin

A junior at Jesuit High School in Dallas, Goodwin was at Dallas Love Field and Parkland Memorial Hospital on November 22, 1963. For several hours that day he assisted a CBS cameraman, who was a family friend. Recorded January 31, 2014.

Gene Gordon

As the chief photographer for the Fort Worth Press in 1963, Gordon photographed the Kennedys in Fort Worth and Lee Harvey Oswald's funeral three days later. Recorded July 23, 2003.

Clint Grant

As assistant chief photographer for the Dallas Morning News in 1963, Grant traveled with the presidential party from Washington, D.C., to Texas and rode in the Dallas motorcade. Recorded May 4, 1994.

L.C. Graves

A Dallas police detective, Graves was on Lee Harvey Oswald's left side when he was shot during his transfer on November 24, 1963. Recorded March 21, 1994.

Harold Green

An Oak Cliff seventh grader in 1963, Green saw the motorcade on Main Street and went to the Texas School Book Depository immediately after the assassination. His late father, Dallas attorney Lawrence Green, was acquainted with Jack Ruby and J.D. Tippit. Recorded February 14, 2014. 

Jeanette Green

A secretary at the Dallas office of the U.S. Selective Service in 1963, Green saw the Kennedy motorcade on Main Street. Later, during the Vietnam War, her office received numerous bomb threats. Green was interviewed with her daughter, Diane Birdwell. Recorded August 11, 2011.

William R. Green

Green observed the Kennedy motorcade on Cedar Springs Road in Dallas. He and his family were acquainted with Col. D. Harold Byrd, then owner of the Texas School Book Depository building. Recorded January 28, 2013. 

Dr. Martin Alan Greenberg

Greenberg was working as a high school aide in New York in 1963. He was partly inspired by the assassination to pursue a law degree and later became associate professor of criminal justice at Miles College in Birmingham, Alabama. Recorded March 22, 2013.

A.C. Greene

Editor of the Dallas Times Herald's editorial page in 1963, Greene was also a columnist, author and noted Dallas and Texas historian. Recorded June 18, 1992.

Mary Greene

A longtime Dallasite, Greene served as a Kennedy campaign worker in 1960 and became involved in the civil rights movement locally throughout the 1960s. Later, she was involved in the creation of Sesame Street for PBS and served in the Carter administration. Recorded March 9, 2006.

Monica Greene

A successful restaurateur and Dallas community leader, Greene was living in Mexico at the time of the Kennedy assassination. Recorded June 26 and July 12, 2006.

Regina Greenwell

Senior archivist at the LBJ Presidential Library and Museum, Greenwell joined their staff in 1976. As a Dallas school girl, she saw the Kennedy motorcade on November 22, 1963. Recorded April 19, 2013. 

Mickey Greer

A lifelong Dallas resident, Greer did not support John F. Kennedy in 1960 for religious reasons but was later inspired by the late president to become more politically and socially active. She and her family attended Adlai Stevenson's speech in Dallas on October 26, 1963. Recorded August 14, 2003, and August 19, 2014.

Philip Greer

Greer saw the Kennedy motorcade at the corner of Main and Harwood streets. His late mother, Edith Greer, worked at the Dal-Tex building near Dealey Plaza in 1963 and witnessed the Kennedy assassination on Elm Street. Although she never spoke to authorities, she did a video interview with researcher Larry Howard in the early 1990s. Recorded August 5, 2013. 

Bobby Griffin

An Oak Cliff native, Griffin saw the presidential party arrive at Dallas Love Field on November 22, 1963. After the assassination he went to Parkland Memorial Hospital and briefly saw the inside of the Kennedy limousine. Recorded July 21, 2010.

Eddie Griffin

A Fort Worth native, Griffin was outside the Hotel Texas when the Kennedys arrived on November 21, 1963. At the height of the Civil Rights Movement, Griffin traveled across the country and became active with the Black Panthers. Recorded January 30, 2013, and February 8, 2014.  

Frank Griffin

Griffin was working as a bricklayer at a construction site at the corner of Tenth and Denver Streets in Oak Cliff at the time of the assassination. He later heard shots fired nearby and witnessed the immediate aftermath of the shooting of Officer J.D. Tippit. Recorded November 7, 2008.

Judge Burt W. Griffin

Griffin, a onetime Assistant U.S. Attorney, served as Assistant Staff Counsel to the Warren Commission in 1964. His memories were recorded during a public program on the work of the Warren Commission. Recorded October 11, 2013. 

Ian L. Griggs

A former Ministry of Defense police officer in England, Griggs has been an active assassination researcher since 1970. The author of No Case to Answer (2005), he was one of the founders of the British organization Dealey Plaza UK, which formed in 1995. Recorded March 30, 2007.

Robert Groden

A longtime assassination researcher and author of several books, including JFK: The Case for Conspiracy (1976) and High Treason (1989), Groden served as an advisor during the planning of the original Sixth Floor exhibit. Recorded June 30, 1994.

Paul Groody

As director of the Miller Funeral Home in Fort Worth, Groody served as the undertaker for Lee Harvey Oswald and organized his funeral on Monday, November 25. In 1981, he was involved in the exhumation of Oswald and briefly viewed the body at Baylor Medical Center. Recorded October 23, 2006.

Dr. Robert G. Grossman

A neurosurgeon at Parkland Memorial Hospital in 1963, Grossman was in Trauma Room One during the treatment of President Kennedy and claims to have examined the president's head wound; however, he was not called to testify before the Warren Commission. Recorded October 4, 2003.

Richard A. Gump, Jr.

A student at Thomas Jefferson High School in 1963, Gump saw the Kennedys at Dallas Love Field. His late father, a local attorney, attended the Trade Mart luncheon. Lyndon Johnson called his father's law office shortly after the assassination. Recorded February 27, 2014.

Bob Gurr

A longtime California designer, Gurr was involved in the development of several attractions for the 1964 New York World's Fair, including the popular Ford Magic Skyway. Ironically, at the time of the Kennedy assassination, he was working on an Abraham Lincoln exhibit for the State of Illinois pavilion. Recorded October 4, 2011. 

Jenyce Gush

A Dallas native, Gush skipped school to see the Kennedy motorcade on Lemmon Avenue. Her mother was a waitress at Jack Ruby's Carousel Club in 1963. Recorded October 3, 2013.