Rights and Reproductions Requests


Special Notice:

Due to the extremely high volume of footage and image requests and limited time in advance of the November anniversary of the Kennedy assassination, the Museum is currently not accepting new requests for news footage or historic images until after November 24, 2013.
Beginning November 1 we will have a clip reel of news footage selections from the assassination weekend available for download. This clip reel is available to NEWS MEDIA ONLY for a $75 handling fee for limited use in coverage of the 50th anniversary. This footage may only be used for news coverage November 15-30, 2013. If you are interested in obtaining a copy of the clip reel, please submit your request to clipreel@jfk.org, with the subject line “50th clip reel.” We will also have a small selection of historic still photographs available under the same guidelines. This collection of five historic images will be available for a $50 limited use handling fee.
ZAPRUDER USAGE AND OTHER REQUESTS: This notice does not apply to the Zapruder film and other home movies owned by the Museum. Requests for the Zapruder film and any materials needed after November 22, 2013, must be submitted separately at http://jfk.org/go/collections/rights-request.