Photographer-in-Residence Afterschool Program


Program Overview

The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza Photographer-in-Residence program challenges young people to tell stories about their own communities through photographs. 

This eight-week program is inspired by the work of Bob Jackson, the Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer whose images are on view in the Museum’s exhibit A Photographer’s Story: Bob Jackson and the Kennedy Assassination. Jackson took one of the most recognizable still images of the 20th century when he photographed the moment Dallas nightclub owner Jack Ruby fatally shot alleged presidential assassin Lee Harvey Oswald.  However, Jackson is more than that one photograph.  He is a role model for fortitude and consistency.  In a recent interview Jackson said, "in the end, I want to be remembered not just for one picture, but for a career where I tried to do my best on any and every assignment." 

Bob Jackson’s extraordinary career and President John F. Kennedy’s call for community engagement form the foundation of this program. 

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Program Goals

Students in the program:

• Explore how photojournalists use images to tell a story
• Discover how to “read” images all around them
• Develop writing skills through journal writing
• Meet and discuss the photography process with Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer
  Bob Jackson
• Document stories in their communities by taking photographs
• Conduct informational interviews with family and community members
• Examine photographs on exhibit at The Sixth Floor Museum
• Learn to critique their own photographs
• Share their personal perspective on their images with Museum visitors and guests

Partnership with Preservation Link

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The Photographer-in-Residence for this program is David Herman, Jr., President/CEO of Preservation LINK, Inc., a Dallas-based arts-in-education program that designs innovative and exciting opportunities for youth to develop and share thoughts and feelings about the communities in which they live, learn and play.  Herman has conducted youth programs for Young Audiences of North Texas (now part of Big Thought), South Dallas Cultural Center, Dallas Independent School District and the Dallas Museum of Art.   He holds a M.A. degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of Texas at Dallas and a B.A. degree in Printing Management from Florida A&M University.

About Students in the Program

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Twenty boys from Project Still I Rise are participating in this pilot program.  Project Still I Rise is a non-profit agency that coordinates character development and leadership programs for youth in South Dallas.  In future, we hope to expand the program to include other youth and student groups.  This program is made possible through the support of Thriving Minds.

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