Dallas Law Enforcement: Voices from History

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Dallas Police Headquarters

Police Headquarters
Bill Winfrey Collection

In 1963, the Police and Courts Building at 106 South Harwood in downtown Dallas housed the Dallas Police Department and Dallas City Hall. The center of activity the weekend of the assassination was the third floor, where the major detective bureaus and the offices of Chief Curry and Captain Fritz were located.

For 48 hours after his arrest, suspect Lee Harvey Oswald remained in police custody, undergoing four police lineups and multiple interrogation sessions with Fritz and other officials. Shortly after 1:30 a.m., just 13 hours after the assassination and with more than 300 members of the media crowding the corridors of police headquarters, Oswald was formerly charged with the murder of President Kennedy.

The overwhelming presence of national and international news media posed an almost insurmountable challenge to police. Dallas officers were accustomed to working in a relaxed environment with only a few known members of the local press. The suddenly chaotic environment allowed individuals unconnected to the media or investigation to roam the hallways, including local nightclub owner Jack Ruby.