Filming Kennedy: Home Movies from Dallas

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Tindel and Marotta

Tindel Still
Jackie Tindel Collection

Jackie Tindel

As an insurance adjustor for Travelers Insurance Company, Jackie Tindel often had to obtain accident reports from Dallas Police headquarters at Main and Harwood streets. Knowing that the Kennedy motorcade would be turning at that intersection, Tindel brought his camera to work. “I used the camera mostly to record my children’s activities,” he recalled in his 2003 oral history, “but anything major like a Kennedy visit, I thought if I’d be in a position to that, that would be an interesting memento to have.” Standing in the intersection, Tindel captured the motorcade’s turn onto Main Street with Secret Service agent Clint Hill riding on the back of the limousine.

Marotta Still
Anthony F. Marotta Collection

Anthony “Frank” Marotta

An avid Kennedy supporter, Frank Marotta brought his Bell & Howell, Model 252 home movie camera to work at the Statistical Tabulating Company. Despite his coworkers' admonishing, Marotta decided to take his lunch break to film the motorcade. “I had a leather case with my camera in it,” he recalled in his 1999 oral history. “It was already cranked and ready to go. So, as I was leaving the office, [a coworker] asked, ‘Where are you going?’ I said, ‘Well, I’m going down to see the motorcade’... And they said, ‘What you got in there, something to throw at him?’” Undeterred, Marotta stood on a curb near the corner of Main and Akard streets and filmed the motorcade.