Parkland Hospital: Voices from History

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The President Is Dead

Photograph of Malcolm Kilduff announcing the death of President Kennedy
Dallas Times Herald Collection

At 1:33 p.m., Kilduff officially announced President Kennedy's death at Parkland Memorial Hospital. Reporters who crowded into the makeshift press room left quickly or sent others to get word to their news organizations.

Dallas Times Herald Collection

In Trauma Room One, Father Oscar Huber performed the last rites for President Kennedy. O'Neal Funeral Home employees placed his remains in a casket. Secret Service agents, along with Jackie Kennedy, began to escort the casket out of the hospital for its return trip to Washington D.C., aboard Air Force One. A heated conflict arose over the removal of the president's remains from the hospital. Under Texas law, the body could not leave the state before an autopsy was performed. After a brief scuffle, the casket was placed into a hearse and taken to Dallas Love Field for loading onto Air Force One.