Resource Guides


Each guide suggests key resources in the specific subject area. The resources are listed by source type and include selected materials that can guide you toward further research. For research assistance, contact the Reading Room staff at
(214) 747-6660 x6646 or

1960 Presidential Campaign [PDF]

1960s History & Culture [PDF]

Assassination of President John F. Kennedy (General guide) [PDF]

Civil Rights Movement [PDF]

Conspiracy Theories [PDF]

Cuba [PDF]

Dealey Plaza Eyewitnesses [PDF] 

Evidence & Investigations [PDF]

Kennedy, Jacqueline [PDF] 

Kennedy, President John F. [PDF]

Oswald, Lee Harvey [PDF]

Parkland Memorial Hospital [PDF]

Ruby, Jack [PDF]

Space Program [PDF] 

The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza - History [PDF]

Texas School Book Depository [PDF]

Tippit, J.D. [PDF] 

Vietnam [PDF] 

Warren Commission [PDF]

Zapruder Film [PDF]