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Description and Relevance of Holding:
The Parkland Hospital Print Collection contains primarily published articles documenting the history of Parkland Hospital and serial publications of the Hospital itself. Parkland is where JFK, Governor John Connally and Lee Harvey Oswald received medical treatment after being shot. The material pertaining to JFK, Connally and Oswald is contained in one file folder approximately one inch thick.

The Parkland Hospital Photo Collection contains a small group of photos documenting Parkland Hospital over the years.  Most of the photos portray the Parkland building. There are no original photos that pertain to treatment of JFK, Connally or Oswald at the hospital.

The UT Southwestern Photo Collection contains photographs of some of the physicians (such as G. Thomas Shires, Robert N. McClelland and C. James Carrico) who treated JFK and/or Connally on November 22, 1963. Photos of some physicians who treated Oswald are also in the collection. A few of the photos date from circa 1963, others are from earlier or later years.

Access to Holdings:
Materials are to be used under supervision of the Archives staff.

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