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Description and Relevance of Holding:
The Alex Arroyos / John F. Kennedy Collection consists of 8×10 black and white photographs. These photos were taken by Alex Arroyos of President John F. Kennedy, Jackie Kennedy, Vice President Lyndon Johnson, and Lady Bird Johnson attending a meeting of LULAC (League of United Latin American Citizens) at the Rice Hotel in Houston on the night of November 21, 1963.

The J. A. “Tony” Alvarez Collection includes a photograph book depicting President John F. Kennedy and First Lady at a LULAC meeting on November 21, 1963. J. A. “Tony” Alvarez was a successful businessman in Houston who became involved with the League of United Latin-American Citizens.

John J. Herrera practiced law in Houston from 1943 to 1986 and was a leading civil rights advocate for Mexican Americans in Texas. One of the most memorable nights of his life was on November 21, 1963, when he introduced President John F. Kennedy to a group of LULAC members gathered at the Rice Hotel for a reception. The John J. Herrera Papersconsists of various campaign material for Kennedy/Johnson, correspondence, clippings, and flyers re JFK and Johnson, and various correspondence on behalf of LULAC inviting President Kennedy to the Rice Hotel to speak. One extremely poignant item is a letter entitled “Han Matado a mi Presidente! (They have Killed My President)” written after President Kennedy was assassinated. It was published in LULAC News.

Judge Woodrow Seals served as a local campaign manager for John F. Kennedy. Judge Seals was instrumental in bringing John F. Kennedy to Houston for his Ministerial Association of Greater Houston speech about the separation of church and state. Also President Kennedy appointed him as United States Attorney for the Southern District of Texas. The Judge Woodrow Seals Collection includes campaign material from the Kennedy/Johnson campaign, Kennedy/Johnson inauguration material, various clippings about President Kennedy’s visits to Texas and his assassination, and biographical information about John F. Kennedy.

The KHOU-TV Film Collection includes a few film clips of when President Kennedy visited Houston. One film clip from September 12, 1962 shows President Kennedy touring NASA where he is presented with a gift model of the Apollo command module. This clip is available online at the Houston Area Digital Archives.

The Houston Press Series D Clipping Morgue includes several newspaper clippings about President John F. Kennedy’s various visits to Houston and his assassination.

The Houston Press Photo Collection includes several images from President John F. Kennedy’s various visits to Houston. Some images are available online at the Houston Area Digital Archives.

JFK Scrapbook – Compilation of articles from the Houston Post and Houston Chronicledated from November 22, 1963 through December 4, 1963. The articles cover the aftermath of JFK’s assassination, the funeral, and Oswald being shot.

HMRC has several oral history recordings with Houstonians who share their memories of President Kennedy and their interactions with him. Sample recordings include Leonel Castillo, Jane Ely, John J. Herrera, William “Bill” Hobby, Bishop Wendelin Nold, and Welcome Wilson, Sr. Most of these recordings can be found online at the Houston Area Digital Archives.

HMRC also has over 75 books about John F. Kennedy and his assassination in its Texas and Local History Book Collection. Included is the text for JFK’s address before the Greater Houston Ministerial Association (Sept, 12, 1960). JFK’s speech before the Ministerial Association addressed the issue of religion in politics and includes the Q&A session with the Association.

Access to Holdings:
The collections are open to researchers upon request.

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