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Description and Relevance of Holding:
The Kennedy Assassination Investigation Collection contains 27 volumes of records of investigation conducted by Texas Attorney General’s Office and evidence files. Record types include reports, affidavits, transcripts of radio transmissions, arrest records, telephone logs, photographs, etc. The Texas Supplemental Reportsummarizes data on the assassination of John F. Kennedy and serious wounding of Governor John B. Connally.

Court of Criminal Appeals records, case file #37900, Jack Rubenstein (a.k.a. Jack Ruby) v. State of Texas (appealed from Criminal District Court # 3 of Dallas County (case # E 4010-J). Case file contains trial briefs, transcripts of the proceedings, statements of fact, arguments to the jury, and letters and motions. The eight volumes of transcripts have been digitized. The juror voir dire material contains confidential information; it would need to be reviewed and redacted prior to use.

Texas Department of Public Safety records, Criminal Law Enforcement Division investigation files. Case file of the Kennedy assassination investigation, containing reports, interviews, radio transmissions, research data, etc., dating 1952-1964.

Access to Holdings:
Most of the collections are open to researchers. The jury voir dire information from the Ruby trial is restricted as discussed above.

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