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Mary Elizabeth O’Connor

O’Connor was a Catholic nun from 1955 to 1969. An ardent Kennedy supporter, she was active with the League of Women Voters during the 1960 campaign. O’Connor was teaching English at a Catholic school in Hazelton, Pennsylvania, at the time of the assassination. Recorded May 22, 2017.

Cathy O’Donnell

A thirteen-year-old student at a Catholic school in Ennis, Texas, O’Donnell traveled with friends to Dallas Love Field to see the arrival of the presidential party.  Standing along the fence, she shook hands with both the Kennedys and the Johnsons. Recorded July 26, 2012.

Joe O’Dwyer

O’Dwyer was visiting Washington, D.C., on business when the assassination took place. He captured a unique color home movie of the Kennedy funeral procession from atop the Mayflower Hotel on Connecticut Avenue. His film has been part of the Museum’s collections since 2000. Recorded September 23, 2009.

Mr. O’Dwyer passed away on December 23, 2015.

Frank O’Grady

The son of Irish Catholic Kennedy supporters in Cleveland, Ohio, O’Grady was in the second grade in 1963. Inspired by the Kennedy legacy to serve in the military and later teach middle school history, O’Grady has maintained a research interest in the assassination since the mid-1970s. Recorded August 6, 2021.

Will O’Hara

A high school student in 1963, O’Hara was with friends at Dallas Love Field, on Stemmons Freeway, and at Parkland Memorial Hospital. He was present in the nurses’ classroom for the official announcement of President Kennedy’s death. Recorded June 20, 2011.

Charles O’Neal

An award-winning civic leader, O’Neal is president of the Dallas Black Chamber of Commerce and Chair of the Board of the U.S. Black Chamber, Inc. He participated in a Museum panel discussion featuring local civic leaders. Recorded February 4, 2021.

Lt. Col. Lon D. Oakley, Jr.

A decorated officer with the U.S. Army for more than two decades, Oakley was an infantry command leader in Vietnam. An Oak Cliff native, he was awaiting the president’s arrival at the Dallas Trade Mart on November 22, 1963. Oakley has since written two books about the period. Recorded April 20, 2013.

Angel Obregon

A student at St. Thomas the Apostle School in Los Angeles in 1963, Obregon and his family were deeply impacted by the assassination and attended solemn Mass in memory of President Kennedy. In 1968, he served as a volunteer for Sen. Robert Kennedy’s presidential campaign. Recorded December 18, 2007.

Jane Oehler

Oehler was a third-grade student teacher in Arlington, Texas, in 1963. Her last day in the classroom as a student teacher was November 22, 1963. Recorded September 24, 2018.

Michael Okon

A senior at Hillcrest High School in Dallas in 1963, Okon skipped a geometry test and went with a friend to watch the Kennedy motorcade as it left Dallas Love Field. Recorded April 25, 2006.

Greg Olds

As president of the Dallas chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union in 1963, Olds went to Dallas police headquarters on the night of the assassination and witnessed the midnight press showing of Lee Harvey Oswald. He was later interviewed by the FBI. Recorded June 19, 2017.

Beverly Oliver

A singer at the Colony Club in Dallas in 1963, Oliver knew Jack Ruby and many of his performers at the Carousel Club. In 1970, she came forward as a close eyewitness to the assassination, identified by researchers in films and photographs as the “Babushka Lady.” Recorded January 12, 2007.

Dr. Kathryn Olmsted

Olmsted is professor of history at the University of California, Davis. She is the author of several books, including Challenging the Secret Government: The Post-Watergate Investigations of the CIA and FBI (1996) and Real Enemies: Conspiracy Theories and American Democracy, World War I to 9/11 (2009). Recorded June 16, 2021.

Peter Olsen

While serving in the U.S. Army, Olsen was stationed in West Germany from 1960 to 1964. Upon his return to the United States, he worked at the Pentagon and attended a reception at the White House. Olsen shared some of his military experiences in his novel, President John F. Kennedy and the Berlin Wall (2017). Recorded January 14, 2021.

Hannah Onassis

A six-year-old in Dallas in 1963, Onassis was with her mother on Stemmons Freeway when they were passed by the presidential limousine on its way to Parkland Memorial Hospital. Years later, she began writing a novel based on the Kennedy assassination. Recorded July 30, 2004.

Dr. Anthony Orme

A college student in 1963, Orme has been interested in the Kennedy assassination for many years. He has collected books, spoken with eyewitnesses, and visited Dealey Plaza on the 1988 and 1993 assassination anniversaries. Recorded May 13, 2014.

Janeen Ostby

Ostby and her husband were finalizing the adoption of their first child on November 22, 1963. The letter that she wrote to Jackie Kennedy in 1964 was later selected for publication in Dr. Ellen Fitzpatrick’s book, Letters to Jackie: Condolences from a Grieving Nation(2010). Recorded September 1, 2010.

Julia Ostteen

The daughter of Louisiana sharecroppers, Ostteen lived in the state’s economically challenged Delta region during the early 1960s. She supported President Kennedy but disliked Lyndon Johnson. Recorded September 19, 2012.

John G. Oswald

A native of New Orleans, Oswald lived in Fort Worth in 1963. His recognizable last name prompted death threats, vandalism, an FBI interview and police protection in the aftermath of the assassination. His later genealogy research suggested he may be distantly related to Lee Harvey Oswald. Recorded August 12, 2010.

James R. Owen

Owen worked at Jaggers-Chiles-Stoval typesetting company in Dallas at the same time as Lee Harvey Oswald. On the day of the assassination, Owen remembers standing on Elm Street on the other side of the triple underpass, though his memories of the aftermath differ from those of other eyewitnesses. Recorded January 15, 2002, and February 16, 2015.

David F. Owens

A New York native, Owens was inspired by the assassination to pursue a career in law enforcement. A longtime assassination researcher, he interviewed noted author Harold Weisberg in the 1990s. Recorded March 22, 2013.

Dr. Zsuzsanna Ozsvath

A native of Hungary who escaped the Holocaust, Ozsvath was the founder and longtime director of the Holocaust Studies Program at the University of Texas at Dallas. On November 22, 1963, she and her late husband attended the luncheon at the Dallas Trade Mart. Recorded June 8, 2017.