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Dr. Stephen G. Rabe

A professor of history at the University of Texas at Dallas since 1977, Rabe has written three books on President Kennedy: The Most Dangerous Area of the World (1999),Debating the Kennedy Presidency (2003), and John F. Kennedy: World Leader (2010). Recorded December 6, 2012.

Kevin Radell

The eight-year-old son of Kennedy supporters, Radell wrote a letter to Jackie Kennedy one month after the assassination. It was included in Dr. Ellen Fitzpatrick’s Letters to Jackie: Condolences from a Grieving Nation (2010). Recorded September 20, 2010.

Lloyd & Renee Radell

The Radells were Kennedy supporters in the 1960 election. After the assassination, Renee Radell, a Post-War and Contemporary American painter, sent Jackie Kennedy a painting entitled “and death shall have no dominion” that is now in a private collection. Recorded November 11, 2010.

Louise B. Raggio

A trailblazing lawyer and longtime crusader for women’s rights, Raggio and her late husband, Grier Raggio, attended the Trade Mart luncheon on November 22, 1963. Grier Raggio, a volunteer lawyer for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), went to Dallas police headquarters that night to observe Oswald during his arraignment. Two weeks earlier, Louise Raggio had agreed to represent Ruth Paine during her divorce proceedings, which were delayed as a result of the assassination. Recorded August 12, 2005.

Ms. Raggio passed away on January 23, 2011.

Richard “Chick” Ramirez

In the early 1960s, Ramirez was the drummer in the Dallas-based musical group The Jumping Jacks. His band performed at Jack Ruby’s Vegas Club in 1962 and 1963. At the same time, Ramirez and his family owned and operated their own Dallas nightclub. Recorded June 8, 2010.

Yolanda Ramos

A twelve-year-old Dallasite, Ramos was staying with family in New Mexico at the time of the assassination. Recorded November 3, 2017.

Pat Randolph

A freelance journalist in 1963, Randolph was sent by the North Dallas News to the Trade Mart luncheon to write a story on Jackie Kennedy. Recorded October 21, 2004.

Ms. Randolph passed away on January 1, 2020.

Donald Raney

An employee of the Lone Star Gas Company in 1963, Raney saw the Kennedy motorcade at the corner of Main and Harwood Streets. Recorded August 18, 2015.

J. Robert Ransone

As a young boy, Ransone was friends with the Alfred Egan family of Dallas. The late Al Egan, grandson of wholesale grocer John Sexton, had years earlier selected the warehouse at the corner of Houston and Elm for the Sexton Company’s Dallas headquarters. Ransone spent time inside the building years before it became internationally recognized as the Texas School Book Depository. Recorded April 12, 2012.

John Rath

An engineer at Texas Instruments in Dallas from 1963 to 2000, Rath worked on a number of classified U.S. Army projects during the Vietnam War. Recorded April 16, 2018.

Joel Ratliff

A Dallas police officer in the early 1970s, Ratliff knew many of the officers that worked on the Kennedy assassination investigation. Thirteen years old in 1963, he watched the motorcade on Main Street. His late father, police patrolman Marshall Ratliff, was assigned to the Trade Mart luncheon. Recorded January 28, 2008.

Cynthia S. Ray

Ray was Rose Kennedy’s personal secretary from December 1963 until the summer of 1966. Recorded July 15, 1996.

Ms. Ray passed away on January 21, 2021.

Dr. Thurman Ray

A Dallas optometrist, Ray treated Jack Ruby as a patient from the 1950s through Ruby’s death in 1967. During his incarceration, Ruby repeatedly broke or damaged his glasses, forcing Ray to regularly produce new pairs. Recorded March 11, 2009.

Dr. Ray passed away on April 9, 2020.

Richard Ray

A longtime anchor and reporter at KDFW-TV/Fox 4 in Dallas, Ray has covered numerous assassination-related stories since the early 1990s and co-produced the Emmy-winning documentary, JFK: The Dallas Tapes (1998). He was thirteen years old in 1963. Recorded August 7 and 24, 2015, and February 12, 2016.

Julian Read

A longtime public relations and political consultant, Read was press aide to Gov. John Connally in 1963.  Traveling with the presidential party in Fort Worth and Dallas, Read was aboard the White House press bus in the motorcade when he heard shots fired in Dealey Plaza. He gave media briefings at Parkland Memorial Hospital and stayed with the Connallys throughout the ordeal. Read maintained close ties to Connally family over the next four decades. Recorded November 22, 2003, June 28 and November 8, 2013, April 5, 2014, and March 21, 2016.

Mr. Read passed away on May 8, 2021.

Meg Read

Read served on the board of the Dallas County Historical Foundation from 1987 to 1994. During that time, she was actively involved in the opening of The Sixth Floor exhibit, Oliver Stone’s Dallas filming of JFK (1991) and the designation of Dealey Plaza as a National Historic Landmark District in 1993. Recorded May 3, 1995, and November 9, 2017.

Dr. Mimi Real

A civil rights activist and Freedom Rider, Real was arrested in Jackson, Mississippi, in June 1961 and spent one month in a state penitentiary. She remained active in the Civil Rights Movement for several years and was working on voter registration in Louisiana at the time of the assassination. Recorded July 21, 2021.

Anthony “Tony” Record

A photographer for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Record covered the events of that weekend. Recorded September 23, 1997.

Mr. Record passed away on February 18, 1998.

Dr. Trudie Reed

As a Dallas high school student in 1963, Reed worked closely with prominent civil rights activist Juanita Craft. Reed became locally active with the NAACP and attended two NAACP national conventions with Ms. Craft. Recorded January 14, 2020.

Dr. Wornie Reed

As a student at Alabama State University, Reed took part in the Montgomery bus boycott in 1955-56. After moving to Washington, D.C., he participated in the 1963 March on Washington and the 1968 Poor People’s Campaign and became active in the Black Power movement. Reed was acquainted with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. for several years and attended his funeral in Atlanta. Recorded September 23, 2021.

Richard Reeves

An award-winning journalist and presidential historian, Reeves is the author of the 1993 bestseller President Kennedy: Profile of Power, one of the only Kennedy biographies that Jacqueline Onassis insisted her children read to learn about their father. At the time of the assassination, Reeves was a correspondent with the Newark Evening News in New Jersey. Recorded February 24, 2006, and February 18, 2014.

Mr. Reeves passed away on March 25, 2020.

George Reid

A longtime Kennedy supporter, Reid was a Texas campaign volunteer in 1960. He also filmed President Kennedy’s arrival at Dallas Love Field on November 22, 1963. Over the next decade, he took numerous photographs and home movies in Dealey Plaza. Recorded April 24, 1996.

Mr. Reid passed away on March 15, 1999.

Terry Reid

Reid is the granddaughter of the late Dallas County Assistant D.A. Frank Watts, who was part of the prosecution team in the 1964 Jack Ruby trial. Reid, then eleven years old, attended portions of the jury selection and trial and later spoke at length with her grandfather about his recollections. Recorded June 24, 2009.

Burke Reilly

A 35-year employee of the Ford Motor Company, Reilly became head of administration in the company’s Washington D.C. office shortly after the Kennedy assassination. He worked with the Secret Service to provide presidential vehicles during the Johnson and Nixon administrations. Recorded August 17, 2009.

Dr. James F. Reilly

A NASA astronaut since 1995, Reilly has flown on the space shuttles Atlantis andEndeavor. Nine years old in 1963, he was attending a Catholic school in California at the time of the assassination. His family moved to Dallas in 1966. Recorded October 4, 2007.

Ross Reinwald

A sophomore trumpet player in the Eastern Hills High School band in Fort Worth, Reinwald’s band performed “Hail to the Chief” for President Kennedy at the Hotel Texas breakfast on the morning of the assassination. Recorded October 17, 2007.

Robert Reitz

Reitz was a student at Bryan Adams High School in Dallas when the assassination took place. Years later, while serving in the U.S. Navy and while attending the University of Texas, he became actively involved in the civil rights and peace movements. Recorded June 19, 2013.

Marty Rendleman

A longtime Texas talent agent, best known for discovering country singer LeAnn Rimes, Rendleman was a recent college graduate living in Hawaii at the time of the Kennedy assassination. Recorded June 17, 2011.

Linda Renfro

A Fort Worth junior high school student, Renfro and her classmates observed the Kennedy motorcade on its way to Carswell Air Force Base on November 22, 1963.  Her late parents, George and Arthurine Renfro, founders of Fort Worth-based Renfro Foods, attended the Hotel Texas breakfast that morning.  Recorded April 6, 2016.

James Reston, Jr.

A journalist and prolific author, Reston wrote a biography of Gov. John Connally, The Lone Star (1989), and a book on the Kennedy assassination, The Accidental Victim (2013). He worked for the Department of the Interior in 1963. His late father, New York Times reporter and editor James Reston, covered the Kennedy White House. Recorded June 13, 2014.

Oliver “Buck” Revell

A captain in the U.S. Marine Corps, Revell joined the FBI in 1964 partly because of his interest in the Kennedy assassination. During his long career with the bureau from 1964 to 1994, he achieved the rank of Executive Assistant Director-Investigations (SES-6). Revell worked with the House Select Committee on Assassinations and, as Special Agent in Charge of the Dallas Division, supervised the release of the Dallas FBI office’s assassination-related files in the early 1990s. Recorded May 20, 2009.

Gay Revi

Revi was a school teacher in Pennsylvania when she joined the Peace Corps in 1963. She was serving in Sierra Leon in west Africa when the assassination took place. Upon her return to the United States in 1966, she actively protested against the Vietnam War. Recorded April 1, 2011.

Jack Revill

Supervisor of Criminal Intelligence with the Dallas Police Department in 1963, Revill was involved in the immediate search of the Texas School Book Depository building, and he later had a controversial conversation with FBI agent James Hosty that greatly affected the bureau’s relationship with the Dallas police. On Sunday, Revill accompanied Dallas Mayor Earle Cabell to Washington, D.C., for the president’s funeral. Upon his return, he participated in a special investigation into the shooting of Lee Harvey Oswald. Recorded February 4, 2005.

Mr. Revill passed away on September 8, 2012.

Pat Revill

The wife of Dallas Police Lt. Jack Revill, Pat Revill worked as a secretary in District Attorney Henry Wade’s office from 1964 to 1973 and had daily interaction with Wade and Assistant District Attorney Bill Alexander. During that time, she worked on the Jack Ruby appeal. Recorded May 4, 2005.

Ms. Revill passed away on March 6, 2018.

Delia Reyes

A Cuban native now living in Dallas, Reyes fled her homeland when Fidel Castro came to power. Recorded September 18 and October 29, 2000.

Fred Rheinstein

A producer/director for NBC News in 1963, Rheinstein arrived in Dallas on Friday afternoon and had several encounters with Jack Ruby on Saturday. On Sunday, Rheinstein was the on-site producer for the network’s live coverage of the transfer of Lee Harvey Oswald when Ruby shot Oswald. Recorded February 15, 2010, November 9 and November 10, 2012.

Mr. Rheinstein passed away on December 22, 2013.

Peter Rice

An Army presidential helicopter pilot from 1962 to 1969, Rice flew with Presidents Kennedy and Johnson. Among his many trips, Rice accompanied Kennedy on his 1963 trip to Ireland and was the first helicopter pilot to fly Lyndon Johnson as president, on the evening of November 22, 1963. Recorded September 19, 2008, and August 26, 2009.

Ronald D. Rice

A Dealey Plaza street vendor for more than twenty years, Rice moved to Dallas in 1993. He conducted city tours for the JFK Assassination Information Center and was later the manager of the Conspiracy Museum near the John F. Kennedy Memorial. Recorded December 19, 2012.

Mr. Rice passed away on September 28, 2014.

Dennis Richard

A Boston native, Richard wrote the two-act play “Oswald” which dramatizes Lee Harvey Oswald’s interrogations with Captain Will Fritz. It opened in New York City in June 2011. Recorded June 8, 2011.

Ted Richards

As the Washington, D.C., representative of a Massachusetts jewelry company, Richards designed the official medallions for the 1961 and 1965 presidential inaugurations. He later worked with the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum to design a number of commemorative items. Recorded July 1, 2016.

Mr. Richards passed away on July 5, 2019.

Robert S. Richardson

A decorated World War II fighter pilot and the nephew of prominent oilman Ray Hubbard, Richardson witnessed the motorcade immediately after the assassination as it entered onto Stemmons Freeway. Recorded January 26, 2005.

Mr. Richardson passed away on November 11, 2016.

Sherry Richmond

Inspired to become an art historian because of Jackie Kennedy’s love of art, Richmond was a teenager living in Chicago at the time of the assassination. She and her family first visited Dealey Plaza in December 1963. Recorded April 3, 2008.

G.C. “Jerry” Richmond

A reporter at the Dallas Times Herald in 1963, Richmond covered the scene that weekend at the Dallas Trade Mart, Parkland Memorial Hospital, Dallas police headquarters, and the Dallas County Jail.  He led Times Herald coverage of the Jack Ruby trial in 1964 and also covered the Warren Commission’s visit to Dallas. Recorded October 18, 2016.

Dr. Gene Riddle

Seventeen years old in 1963, Riddle became engaged in social activism later in the decade. After teaching political science at the University of Colorado, Denver, he became a licensed clinical psychologist in California. Fascinated by the Kennedy assassination since 1963, Riddle spent six years conducting a psychological study of Lee Harvey Oswald. Recorded March 27, 2017, and November 20 and 21, 2019.

Bill Rieger

A native of Washington State, Rieger turned five years old a month before the assassination. He has maintained a lifelong fascination with the subject. Recorded June 26, 2019.

Myrna Ries

The daughter of the late Abraham Zapruder, Ries saw the president arrive at Dallas Love Field and was with her father throughout the events of that weekend. Recorded March 4, 1997, and August 24, 2015.

Aubrey Rike

An ambulance driver for Oneal Funeral Home, Rike was the last person to see President Kennedy’s body in Dallas before it was sent to Washington, D.C. Moments before the shooting, Rike picked up an epileptic seizure victim in Dealey Plaza. Recorded September 26, 2001.

Mr. Rike passed away on April 22, 2010.

Shelia Riley

A flight attendant for close to three decades, Riley was a Pan Am stewardess aboard the White House press plane during the Kennedy years. She was at Love Field in Dallas on the day of the assassination. Recorded July 1, 2013.

Johnny Rincon

Rincon grew up in the Little Mexico area of Dallas and saw the Kennedy motorcade on Turtle Creek Boulevard. Recorded March 18, 2014.

Dr. Michael Rinella

Rinella edited and annotated the autobiography of George de Mohrenschildt (Lee Harvey Oswald as I Knew Him, 2014) and the English translation of Dutch journalist Willem Oltmans’ Reporting on the Kennedy Assassination (2017). As an editor at State University of New York Press, he also contributed to the publishing of other Kennedy-related books. Recorded January 17, 2017.

Joe & Martha Ritner

A secretary in the Washington, D.C., office of U.S. Rep. Wilbur Mills of Arkansas, Martha Ritner marked her twenty-fifth birthday on November 22, 1963.  Her fiancé, Joe Ritner, was serving in the U.S. Navy at the time.  The couple postponed their wedding as a result of the assassination and observed the Kennedy funeral procession.  Recorded June 8, 2015.

Mr. Ritner passed away on July 16, 2017. Mrs. Ritner passed away on July 17, 2017.

David Ritz

An award-winning author of more than fifty books, including a number of collaborative autobiographies of musicians and entertainers, Ritz graduated from Thomas Jefferson High School in Dallas. Working for the Sam Bloom Advertising Agency in 1963, he was at the Dallas Trade Mart luncheon. Recorded April 30, 2016.

Geraldo Rivera

Rivera is a recognized Emmy Award-winning broadcast journalist and commentator. As host and executive producer of the ABC television program, Goodnight America, he was the first to nationally broadcast the Abraham Zapruder film on March 6, 1975. This landmark program was followed by subsequent episodes in which Rivera interviewed a wide range of Kennedy assassination authors and key figures, including Marguerite Oswald. Recorded August 10, 2021.

W. E. “Rusty” Robbins

A Dallas police officer for more than three decades, Robbins was assigned crowd control on Main Street during the presidential motorcade and took a White House Communications Agency official to Dallas Love Field following the assassination. He was later assigned guard duty outside the morgue at Parkland Memorial Hospital following the death of Lee Harvey Oswald. An acquaintance of Jack Ruby, Robbins visited the Carousel Club on several occasions. Recorded September 5, 2003, January 9, 2015, October 26, 2016, and May 13, 2019.

Dorothy Roberts

Roberts was the widow of the late Bill Roberts, who was a member of the Dallas city council in 1963. The Roberts were awaiting the president’s arrival at the Trade Mart luncheon when the assassination took place. Recorded June 23, 2008.

Ms. Roberts passed away on November 27, 2016.

Michael Robinson

As a ninth grader at T.W. Brown Jr. High School in Oak Cliff, Robinson spent the majority of November 22, 1963, at Dallas police headquarters, where he observed the presidential parade and later saw Lee Harvey Oswald in custody. A controversial conversation that Robinson overheard that afternoon in a restroom generated assassination research interest in the 1990s. Recorded December 10, 2020.

Chloé Rochereuil

Rochereuil is co-founder of TARGO, a virtual reality production company in France. In 2021, she participated in a 3D scanning project at several assassination-related sites, including the sixth floor of the Depository building, as part of an upcoming VR documentary exploring November 22, 1963. Agulhon was interviewed with TARGO co-founder Victor Agulhon. Recorded April 5, 2021.

Dr. Roy Roddam

A U.S. Air Force medical officer stationed at Hickam Air Force Base in Honolulu, Hawaii, in 1963, Roddam shook hands with President Kennedy and toured Air Force One when the president visited the base in June. On November 22, 1963, he accompanied members of the president’s cabinet on a flight from Honolulu to Andrews Air Force Base in Washington, D.C. Recorded October 10, 2018.

Carolyn Roderick

A Dallas high school student in 1963, Roderick saw the Kennedys at Dallas Love Field. She was interviewed with her friend, Janet Fordham. Recorded June 25, 2010.

Felix Rodriguez

A member of Assault Brigade 2506, Rodriguez served as part of the Bay of Pigs invasion force. Recorded October 29, 2000.

Victoria Wahlstrom Rodriguez

Thirteen years old in 1963, she saw the Kennedy motorcade on Main Street and heard shots fired in Dealey Plaza. Several minutes later she observed three suspicious individuals in the area surrounding the grassy knoll and rail yards and felt that they may have been involved in the assassination. Recorded January 7, 2010.

Steve Roe

Roe was a fourth grader in Dallas in 1963, and his late mother, Margaret Roe, was a part-time nurse at Parkland Memorial Hospital. Steve Roe became a Kennedy assassination researcher in the 1990s, authoring several articles and contributing to the book, Pieces of the Puzzle: An Anthology (2017) by Gayle Nix Jackson. Recorded September 9, 2020.

Lynda Rogers

As a child, Rogers visited with President Eisenhower on several occasions when her parents worked at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C. Living in West Germany in the early 1960s, she witnessed President Kennedy’s historic speech in West Berlin on June 26, 1963. Recorded January 13, 2015

Utah Rogers

A switchman for Union Terminal, Rogers was on a train traveling over the triple underpass moments before the assassination. Recorded August 30, 2001.

Mr. Rogers passed away on September 24, 2016.

Donald Rokos

A thirty-year employee with General Dynamics in California, Rokos visited Dallas on business during the week of November 22, 1963. He learned of the assassination while waiting to board his return flight at Love Field. Recorded November 20, 2012.

Susan Mustard Roller

A longtime preservation activist, Roller was a member of the Dallas County Historical Commission from 1976 to 1980. In that capacity, she was involved in early discussions about an exhibition inside the Texas School Book Depository building. Recorded December 12, 2013.

Tom Roman

Roman turned sixteen years old on the day prior to the Kennedy assassination, and his parents canceled his planned birthday party for that weekend. He instead spent his time listening to KLIF radio in Dallas. Recorded February 5, 2009.

Muriel Romick

Romick gave birth to her daughter at Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas on November 22, 1963. Her late father owned a shoe store that was located next door to Jack Ruby’s Vegas Club on Oak Lawn Avenue. As a result, she was acquainted with the Ruby family. Recorded January 13, 2015.

John Roppolo

A 1960 Kennedy campaign volunteer, Roppolo was working at St. Paul Hospital in Dallas at the time of the assassination. From 1967 to 1974, he managed public relations for Parkland Memorial Hospital. Recorded October 3, 2019.

Dr. William Rorabaugh

A professor of history at the University of Washington, Rorabaugh has written extensively on the 1960s. His books include Kennedy and the Promise of the Sixties (2002) and The Real Making of the President: Kennedy, Nixon, and the 1960 Election (2009). Recorded May 27, 2016.

Dr. Rorabaugh passed away on March 19, 2020.

Nan Rose

An enthusiastic Kennedy supporter, Rose was acquainted with the family of the late Dr. Charles Baxter, a Parkland Memorial Hospital physician present in Trauma Room One with President Kennedy. Recorded August 21, 2015.

Ann Rose

The wife of Ruby trial juror J. Waymon Rose, Ann Rose observed several days of the trial and kept a diary of her experiences. Over the years, she created several oversize scrapbooks about the assassination and the Ruby trial, which were donated to the Museum in 2002. Recorded June 25, 2004.

Ms. Rose passed away on January 27, 2012.

Dr. Earl F. Rose

A distinguished forensic pathologist, Rose served as Dallas County medical examiner from 1963 to 1968. In that capacity, he performed the autopsies for Officer J.D. Tippit, Lee Harvey Oswald, and Jack Ruby. He would also have performed President Kennedy’s autopsy had his body not been taken immediately back to Washington, D.C. Recorded November 8, 2005.

Dr. Rose passed away on May 1, 2012.

J. Waymon Rose

Mr. Rose was the tenth person selected to serve on the jury of the Jack Ruby trial in 1964. In 2002, he donated the diary that he kept during the trial, and other related materials, to The Sixth Floor Museum. Recorded June 12, 2002, March 14, 2004, February 15, 2008, May 19, 2009, February 8 and June 16, 2010, February 9 and March 13, 2013, and January 13, 2014.

Mr. Rose passed away on October 29, 2020.

Betty Daniels Rosemond

A dedicated civil rights activist, Rosemond met Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. while attending high school in New Orleans. As a CORE Freedom Rider in 1961, she nearly lost her life to a mob during a stop in Poplarville, Mississippi. Rosemond participated in several non-violent protests in the early 1960s and was arrested during a restaurant sit-in in Alexandria, Virginia. Recorded May 27, 2021.

Anne Farris Rosen

A freelance journalist and journalism professor at the University of Maryland, Rosen was a seven-year-old student in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1963. Her late father, New York Times reporter John Herbers, extensively covered the Civil Rights Movement as well as the Kennedy assassination. Rosen collaborated with her father on his autobiography, Deep South Dispatch (2018). Recorded October 4, 2019.

Chuck Rosin

The son of Kennedy supporters, Rosin was a first grade student in California in 1963. The Kennedy assassination is the most vivid memory from his early childhood. Recorded May 9, 2013.

Mary E. Ross

Ross saw the presidential motorcade at the corner of Lemmon Avenue and Mockingbird Lane in Dallas. Her late husband took a photograph of President and Mrs. Kennedy. Recorded June 19, 2015.

Gail Fenley Rothstein

Rothstein is the daughter of the late Dallas Times Herald reporter Bob Fenley, who testified to the Warren Commission in 1964. Fenley was at Dallas Love Field, Parkland Memorial Hospital, and Dallas police headquarters on the weekend of the assassination and later covered the Jack Ruby trial. Recorded March 11, 2015.

Bern Rotman

While assignment editor at NBC affiliate WDSU-TV in New Orleans, Rotman received a phone call from Lee Harvey Oswald in August 1963 and later invited Oswald to the station for a filmed interview to discuss his pro-Castro activism. As a reporter, Rotman also covered local civil rights demonstrations. Recorded October 7, 2021.

Ralph Rouse

A onetime regional manager with the Department of Health and Human Services, Rouse is a longtime civil rights and disability rights activist. His memories were recorded during a public program at The Sixth Floor Museum. Recorded October 25, 2006.

Jay Rowland

Rowland recalls standing with a Dallas police officer on the Triple Underpass in Dealey Plaza during the assassination. He later served in the Vietnam War. Recorded June 12, 2017.

Tracy Rowlett

Rowlett was an award-winning Dallas/Fort Worth broadcast journalist for more than twenty-five years, working at ABC affiliate WFAA-TV (1974-99) and CBS affiliate KTVT-TV (2000-08). As a broadcaster for Armed Forced Radio and Television in Tripoli, Libya, in 1963, Rowlett broke news of the assassination in that part of the Middle East and continued reporting through President Kennedy’s funeral three days later. Recorded May 16 and November 10, 2017.

Earl Ruby

Earl Ruby believed that his brother, Jack Ruby, killed Lee Harvey Oswald because of his love for John F. Kennedy. Recorded October 20, 1989.

Mr. Ruby passed away on February 6, 2006.

Fred Ruby

A student at John J. Pershing Elementary in Dallas in 1963, Ruby is the nephew of Dallas nightclub owner Jack Ruby. After the shooting of Lee Harvey Oswald, Fred Ruby’s family faced harassment, FBI interviews, and financial hardship. Recorded November 25, 2014.

Irene Ruiz

Eligible to vote for the first time in 1960, Ruiz cast her vote for John F. Kennedy. A Dallas native, she was a bookkeeper at East Dallas Bank and Trust at the time of the assassination. Recorded August 21, 2018.

Dr. Rose-Mary Rumbley

A noted Dallas historian, author, and actress, with a local heritage dating back to the 19th century, Rumbley was a teacher at Bishop Lynch High School in 1963. At the time, her family lived near Officer J.D. Tippit in Oak Cliff. Recorded January 31, 2018.

Donna Rush

Rush and her twin boys were driving to downtown Dallas to have their 1963 holiday portraits made when the assassination took place. Recorded June 19, 2015, and June 28, 2019.

Wilene Rushing

Rushing is the widow of Dallas radio evangelist the Rev. Ray Rushing, who unsuccessfully tried to visit Lee Harvey Oswald on the morning of his shooting. He allegedly encountered Jack Ruby while at Dallas police headquarters that morning–at a time when Ruby testified he was still at his apartment. Recorded January 11, 2005.

Mark Russell

A noted political satirist and performer, Russell was playing the Shoreham Hotel in Washington, D.C., at the time of the assassination. Previously, during a trip to Dallas, Russell met Jack Ruby and visited the Carousel Club. Recorded July 23, 2014.

Tom Russell

A Dallas real estate developer in 1963, Russell attended the Trade Mart luncheon and put a memorial cross for President Kennedy in Dealey Plaza after the assassination. He recalls the entire city being a hotbed of radical conservative activity. Recorded March 16, 2004.

Mr. Russell passed away on August 28, 2014.

Peter Russo

A Kennedy assassination researcher since the mid-1970s, Russo was an early advocate for saving the Texas School Book Depository from demolition. Recorded August 17, 2015, and October 3, 2016.

Frank Ryan

Ryan was serving in the U.S. Coast Guard in 1963 and was part of the Ceremonial Guard at President Kennedy’s funeral. Recorded October 9, 1995.

Jerry Ryan

A sophomore at Jesuit College Preparatory School in Dallas in 1963, Ryan spent many weekends during his childhood inside the Texas School Book Depository building when it was owned by the John Sexton Food Company. Ryan’s father, the late John Ryan, was the longtime warehouse manager of the Sexton building. Recorded October 27, 2006.

Jim Ryan

A stringer for the Chicago Tribune in 1963, Ryan took photographs at Parkland Memorial Hospital and later in Dealey Plaza and at Love Field. His image of Air Force One leaving Dallas was published the following day. Recorded January 29, 2014.

Mr. Ryan passed away on October 4, 2017.