Lesson Plans

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Primary Source Lesson Plans by Grade Level

Elementary School
Hispanic Americans and Civil Rights Elementary Lesson [docx]

Middle School
Lesson on School Names [docx]
Lesson on Viva Kennedy Movement [docx]
Lesson on Bullying and Injustice [docx]
Mini Lesson: Dr. Martin Luther King and the Montgomery Story [PDF]
Mini Lesson: Writing About National Narratives [PDF]

High School
**NEW** President Kennedy and the Bill of Rights Lesson Plan [PDF]
John F. Kennedy’s Presidential Inaugural Address Lesson Plan [PDF]
Senator Robert F. Kennedy Speaks on Martin Luther King, Jr.: Analyzing Speeches Given on April 4-5, 1968  [PDF]
How We Memorialize People and Events [docx]
Civil Rights Era Protests [docx]
Jim Crow vs. Juan Crow [docx]      Court Cases [PDF]
Oral Histories and the Legacy of President Kennedy [docx]
State of Texas vs. Lee Harvey Oswald Mock Trial [PDF] courtesy of Law Related Education

Special Exhibit Resources

Past Exhibits

Mourning a President: Vocabulary [PDF]
Mourning a President: Resources for Further Study [PDF]
Mourning a President: Lesson Ideas [PDF]
Mourning a President: Lesson Plan – Comparing Poetry: Presidential Deaths of 1865 and 1963 [PDF]
Mourning a President: Lesson Plan – Landmark Flag Cases at the Supreme Court [PDF]
Amending America Exhibition Resource Guide [PDF]
A Time For Greatness: Debates Lesson Plan
A Time For Greatness: 1960 Presidential Debate Guide [PDF]
A Time For Greatness: Political Debates Format and Evaluation Sheets [PDF]