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The Sixth Floor Museum Announces Renewal of Accreditation from the American Alliance of Museums

The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza today announced renewal of accreditation from the American Alliance of Museums (AAM). The accrediting commission found that the Museum exceeds the National Standards and Best Practices for a U.S. Museum. These standards are categorized into 38 characteristics of excellence, including public trust and accountability, mission and planning and financial stability.

“The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza is a leader in the field in providing the best possible museum services and experiences,” said Ford W. Bell, president of AAM.

The Institute of Museum and Library Services estimates there are about 35,000 museums in the U.S., of which 1,033 are accredited. The Sixth Floor Museum is part of an elite group of only four accredited institutions in Dallas.

“Accreditation through the AAM validates the Museum’s commitment to the principles of collections stewardship,” said Nicola Longford, executive director. “We have a dedicated staff who uphold the highest standards in all aspects of the museum’s operations, from preserving this important collection of artifacts, to reaching the community and beyond with our educational outreach and programming. As we look ahead, our priority is to present innovative exhibitions showcasing the robust variety within our permanent collection.”

“The story of President Kennedy’s assassination and legacy is one that resonates with people throughout the world,” said Victor Elmore, chair, Board of Directors, The Sixth Floor Museum. “The Museum enhances the Dallas community by interpreting a historic site that is visited by people of all ages, covered in the press worldwide and is a source of continued research and interest.”

More than 400,000 visitors came to The Sixth Floor Museum last year to see the permanent exhibit, John F. Kennedy and the Memory of a Nation.