Warren Commission

With Executive Order 11130, President Lyndon Johnson establishes the President’s Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy, commonly called the Warren Commission. Led by Earl Warren, Chief Justice of the United States, the Commission included Senators Richard Russell and John Sherman Cooper; Congressmen Hale Boggs and Gerald Ford; John J. McCloy, president of the World Bank; and former CIA director Allen Dulles. Aided by general counsel Lee Rankin and a number of assistant counsel, the Commission reviewed investigative reports by the FBI, Secret Service, U.S. Justice Department and Texas officials and took testimony from hundreds of witnesses.


Image 1: Photograph of the Warren Commission signed by Judge Earl Warren. Lyndal L. Shaneyfelt Collection/The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza

Image 2: Color slide of FBI reconstructing the Kennedy assassination; presidential limousine in the middle of Elm Street with crew members taking measurements. Malcolm E. Barker Collection/The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza