Interested in exploring the Museum’s collections and story further? The staff is available to help you with inquiries about the assassination and its aftermath, objects in the collections, oral histories, as well as audiovisual resources such as films and photographs.

You can view a selection of the Museum’s collections through the online digital database. New content is added frequently. 

In advance of the 60th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the Museum compiled a list of archives collections and research institutions from across the state of Texas. Download the Texas John F. Kennedy Resource Consortium here.

In addition, the Reading Room houses a collection of research materials, including magazines, books, scholarly articles, documents and publications, that focus on the assassination and legacy of President Kennedy, with additional emphasis on the social history of mid-twentieth century Dallas both before and after the assassination, the cultural history of the assassination, and the history of Dealey Plaza, the Texas School Book Depository building and the Dallas’ John F. Kennedy Memorial. For further information you can search the Reading Room’s online catalog.

Although the Reading Room is currently closed to in-person visitors, research inquiries can be sent to the Museum’s staff at